Success Story

  • From Passion to Profession

    From Passion to Profession

    Date: 02-04-2024
    Laura Kerrigan developed a passion for jewellery in 2010 during her studies in Visual Art and Contemporary Craft.
  • A Permanent Niche

    A Permanent Niche

    Date: 01-12-2023
    Kelsey saw a gap in the Canberra market for permanent jewellery and in March 2023 she purchased a welder.
  • Tomorrow's Jeweller

    Tomorrow's Jeweller

    Date: 02-10-2023
    I started my jewellery journey by making wire wrapped crystal necklaces, then I participated in a few sterling silver jewellery workshops.
  • A Clutch Moment

    A Clutch Moment

    Date: 02-10-2023
    Tammy Keers & Kathy McLay designed and crafted Australia’s first handmade diamond clutch that won them the shared title of 2023 Jeweller of the Year.
  • A Caffeine Hit!

    A Caffeine Hit!

    Date: 02-09-2023
    Genevieve Jordan's involvement with her children's school project has led to a thriving jewellery business, and all based on the recycling of coffee pods!
  • A Friendship Cast in Sand

    A Friendship Cast in Sand

    Date: 01-06-2023
    Recently Rachel Turner won an AJS competition where the prize was a one-day workshop with 2019 JAA Jeweller of the Year, Kirra-lea Caynes.
  • Lapidary Les

    Lapidary Les

    Date: 01-04-2023
    When Les Hathaway was 12 he would go with his dad to his Lapidary Club to watch him cut and polish stones to make jewellery.
  • Married at First Sight

    Married at First Sight

    Date: 01-03-2023
    The story of how Pierre Germani supplied the hit TV show 'Married at First Sight' with their wedding rings.
  • Out of the Blue

    Out of the Blue

    Date: 09-01-2023
    One day, out of the blue, Kristi Van der Lelie said, "Dad, I want to be a jeweller. Can you teach me?"
  • Pearls of Wisdom

    Pearls of Wisdom

    Date: 01-12-2022
    “Interestingly, I never really liked pearls. I thought they were overrated. But the opportunity sounded so intriguing. I also had no idea where the Cook Islands were!” 
  • Something Special

    Something Special

    Date: 01-11-2022
    Bree Wilson’s love for nature, painting, space, poetry, animals and colour have all been pivotal to her jewellery-making style.
  • A Flame in Her Soul

    A Flame in Her Soul

    Date: 01-10-2022
    Laura McDonald loved learning how important Pounamu was for the Māori people and how spiritual it was to them. The greenstone had ignited a flame in her soul.
  • Wrapped in Wire

    Wrapped in Wire

    Date: 01-09-2022
    Once Phil understood the basic concepts of wire wrapping, he began to look at each piece not only as wearable art, but as a puzzle to solve.
  • How much turquoise can a Polar bear?

    How much turquoise can a Polar bear?

    Date: 01-08-2022
    For most of Jimi's life he has worked as a musician. Learn about his transition into jewellery-making & his love of turquoise.
  • Seddon Impact

    Seddon Impact

    Date: 01-07-2022
    Bec was working in the family signwriting business and was looking for a creative outlet, so she embarked on a series of jewellery-making lessons.
  • The Accidental Jeweller

    The Accidental Jeweller

    Date: 01-06-2022
    Garrett Kinder’s love for jewellery began in high school, purely by accident!
  • Kelly's One of a Kind

    Kelly's One of a Kind

    Date: 21-04-2022
    Kelly Cristaldi has a love for all things unique and one-of-a-kind. She always tries to make pieces with a point of difference or something to give them their own personality.
  • Aaron's Aart

    Aaron's Aart

    Date: 28-03-2022
    "I approached my previous employer, Glenn, who said that he was confident that I had the ability to do the job myself. These words of encouragement changed my life!”
  • A Winning Formula

    A Winning Formula

    Date: 11-02-2022
    Learn about the new direction Alena took and how this resulted in a multi-award winning year.
  • Ally is on the Road to Success

    Ally is on the Road to Success

    Date: 03-10-2021
    There is no doubt that creativity runs through Ally Gunton’s veins.
  • The Life of Brian

    The Life of Brian

    Date: 06-09-2021
    Brian had recently retired from the Navy and was looking for an activity to stimulate his mind and to be an outlet for his creativity.
  • Designed and Delivered

    Designed and Delivered

    Date: 08-08-2021
    Wendy Springfield has taught well over 3,000 students via the various courses she has designed and delivered.
  • Penny's Spark

    Penny's Spark

    Date: 06-07-2021
    Penny's favourite pieces are those that she creates using cuttlefish casting and Abrolhos Island pearls.
  • Bride's Made

    Bride's Made

    Date: 02-06-2021
    When Covid hit Shannon found she finally had the time to do what she loves.
  • 21 Years Young

    21 Years Young

    Date: 05-05-2021
    Jim and Sandra Goulton are celebrating 21 years since they took on Maleny Jewellers with a magnificent store refurbishment.