Success Story

  • A Hidden Beauty

    A Hidden Beauty

    Date: 10-Jul-2020
    When Bek Caesar was asked to turn a rough opal into a piece of art, she jumped at the chance.
  • From Journo to Jeweller

    From Journo to Jeweller

    Date: 06-Jun-2020
    When Kimberley Mather enrolled in a 6-week ‘Introduction to Jewellery Making’ workshop her enduring love affair with metal and gemstones was born.
  • A Bend in the Road

    A Bend in the Road

    Date: 07-May-2020
    Gayle McLucas says that she still has to pinch herself over the opportunities that her sanity-saving hobby has given her.
  • Ring of Fire

    Ring of Fire

    Date: 01-Apr-2020
    One of Kristin De-Coi's most satisfying jobs was the remake of a ring which was the only surviving piece of jewellery from a home destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires. 
  • Balanced, but not Symmetrical!

    Balanced, but not Symmetrical!

    Date: 12-Mar-2020
    Kirra-lea gets a lot of her inspiration from nature and likes to produce her pieces in an art nouveau style. Her art has balance, but not necessarily symmetry.
  • An Electric Year!

    An Electric Year!

    Date: 22-Jan-2020
    What a year 2019 was for apprentice Jeweller Nathan Kettle. Firstly he represented Australia in a WorldSkills event in Russia. Then ...
  • A Class Act

    A Class Act

    Date: 04-Dec-2019
    In 2015, Henley High School identified the need to offer a program that supported young females in technology.
  • One for the Generations

    One for the Generations

    Date: 04-Nov-2019
    His new customers today are the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of previous customers and they are now purchasing their own engagement and wedding rings.
  • Horizons Expanded by Marketing Guy

    Horizons Expanded by Marketing Guy

    Date: 24-Sep-2019
    Guy Abrahamsson and Robert Brotchie have evolved their business into something that they never could have imagined at the time.
  • Life's Lessons

    Life's Lessons

    Date: 01-Sep-2019
    Chris Sherwin says that teaching and mentoring people has given him the most rewards from the jewellery industry. 
  • Her story is in history

    Her story is in history

    Date: 29-Jul-2019
    Melissa Stannard has a passion for exploring the beauty in decay and the value in the overlooked.
  • A Passion for Perfection

    A Passion for Perfection

    Date: 16-Jul-2019
    The son of a skilled Engineer / Fitter and Turner, James Tyler had every opportunity to be introduced to what mattered most in engineering ... detail.
  • New CEO at AJS

    New CEO at AJS

    Date: 03-Jul-2019
    We'd like to introduce you to a genuine AJS success story. Elsa is enriching the lives of her workmates with the attention she gives and receives.
  • Celebrating 40 Years!

    Celebrating 40 Years!

    Date: 10-Jun-2019
    This year Mark Evans is celebrating 40 years as a bench trained jeweller.
  • Frankie on a Winner with ZRC Rochet

    Frankie on a Winner with ZRC Rochet

    Date: 26-Apr-2019
    Frankie loves the quality and variety that ZRC Rochet Watch Bands offer.
  • Nathan to Represent Australia

    Nathan to Represent Australia

    Date: 25-Apr-2019
    Apprentice Jeweller Nathan Kettle will represent Australia in the upcoming WorldSkills Challenge in Kazan, Russia in August.