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Date: 08-08-2021


Wendy Springfield

Wendy Springfield has taught well over 3,000 students via the various courses she has designed and delivered at institutions like Gold Coast TAFE and Brisbane Institute of Art.

It all started for Wendy when her travels as a young woman led her to Coober Pedy where she fell in love with opals and commenced her journey into creating fashion jewellery. A few years later Wendy crossed paths with a student from Queensland College of Art who told her about their Gold and Silversmithing Degree.

Wendy decided to leave her idyllic Coolum Beach residence to live in Brisbane and study to be a Worshipful Liveryman of the Goldsmiths’ Guild - or a fine artist, or a jewellery manufacturer.

Wendy said, “One teacher I admired was Jon de Voss, fresh from Denmark. My designs are often inspired by the Danish/Georg Jensen school of thought, and just pure fashion. What looks good to wear, is foremost on my mind when I make my one-off pieces. I mostly work with silver, in order to go big and bold.”

Wendy commenced teaching as soon as she finished college in 1986 and has been filling short courses ever since. 

Wendy said her students have been an endless mix of age, culture and ability.

Wendy reflects, “I recall a lovely young Turkish couple who attended BIA to make their wedding rings. They had fled their home country not believing in its’ religion, and for years they had no rings. They each made a silver one and were happier than most with their first day effort.”

“Many engineers, artists and workers from all realms have enjoy my friendly classes as a creative and social outlet.  People have met in my classes and married. Hundreds of friendships have been established. I’ve taught endless numbers of backpackers and tourists and also high school teachers who passed the knowledge on to their students.”

“I’m proud to have taught thousands of females to use hand tools. And so proud of all the amazing jewellery my students have created over the last 35 years.”

Wendy is retiring soon and is in the process of making her knowledge available online.

You can connect with Wendy at wendyspringfieldjewelleryschool.com.au