Hand Loupes

Hand Loupes

AJS stock a wide range of hand loupes for your jewellery making requirements. These loupes are ideal for helping you find flaws and blemishes in your gems and check your cuts for precision. Our hand loupes are compact, making them easy to carry anywhere you go.

We offer hand loupes with a magnification level of 10x up to 20x, allowing dispersion-free viewing. These loupes have distortion-free images over their entire viewing field and come with anti-reflection coating to help you see clearly with minimum glare.

Aside from our hand loupes, we also have a variety of jewellers’ loupes, including magnifiers, eye loupes, head loupes, microscopes, cameras and stands. These can help ensure you work with quality gems and give your customers the flawless jewellery they deserve.

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What are hand loupes used for in jewellery making?

A jewellers’ loupe in Australia allows the jeweller to examine gems closely. It can show flaws and help the jeweller see any cutting mistakes. Moreover, it can help them see cracks, spots and blemishes that will change the stone's value.

These loupes can also help ensure your precious or semi-precious stone is secured in the prongs or other fasteners, so it doesn’t fall out.

How do I choose the right hand loupe for my project?

There are many styles of hand loupes on the market, but not all of them fit a jeweller’s requirements. The best loupes must have a magnification level of 10x at a minimum and be made from high-quality materials. Depending on what you need, some loupes may have multiple lenses and lighting attached to help with your jewellery making.