Solder Boards, Bricks, Mesh

Solder Boards, Bricks, Mesh

Turn raw materials into elegant jewellery with soldering tools

At the heart of jewellery making is jewellery soldering — the transformative art of fusing precious metals using heat. You’ll need the right tools to achieve precise results while maintaining your safety as a jewellery maker. Australian Jewellers Supplies is your go-to source for soldering tools — we stock a wide range of soldering boards, bricks and mesh for your jewellery making requirements.

Soldering boards, bricks and mesh for advanced jewellery making

Soldering boards are your stable work surface for soldering jewellery pieces. Made from heat-resistant materials, they offer protection and a controlled environment for soldering tasks. They also act as heat sinks that draw away excess heat to prevent damage to your jewellery.

Offering a solid foundation for advanced jewellery making, soldering bricks are crafted from dense and fire-resistant materials. They are denser than soldering boards, allowing you to solder large pieces of metal. Soldering bricks distribute heat efficiently, which results in clean and precise solder joints for your pieces.

And if you are working on smaller or more delicate pieces, opt for soldering mesh. The porous structure allows heat and flux to flow through. They can support your craft, especially during the process of enamelling and stone setting. Soldering mesh also allows for experimentation with unique techniques, such as fusing metals and creating distinctive textures. Mesh is often used with a tripod stand, also stocked by AJS.

Shop soldering boards, bricks and mesh at Australian Jewellers Supplies

The right tools ensure success in making beautiful jewellery, especially when it involves delicate techniques like soldering. At Australian Jewellers Supplies, you can find all the soldering tools your craft requires, including soldering boards, bricks and mesh. We also have a broader range of soldering and welding tools for more advanced jewellery making.

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