Cases, Trays & Tray Inserts

Cases, Trays & Tray Inserts

Looking for one of the most diverse ranges of trays, inserts and jewellery cases in Australia? Whatever your specific jewellery storage and display requirements, you’re sure to find the ideal piece for you in our collection. 

From handy jewellery carry cases to functional leatherette trays, jewellery box inserts and more, we’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your ring, pendant, earrings or gemstone collections elegantly and securely stored and presented. Simply choose the ideal style, size and option for your needs.

At AJS, we’re proud to offer Australia’s most extensive range of jewellery cases and other equipment, including jewellery displays, jewellery tags and price labels, jewellery ID tags, jewellery rolls and wraps, and acrylic and leatherette props, busts and boards. What’s more, we offer free shipping for orders over $200 (some conditions apply) and same-day despatch for weekday orders placed before 12 pm. View our complete collection today!


What are the different types of jewellery trays and cases?

We supply a huge range of jewellery cases and trays in various sizes, suitable for just about all jewellery-making and storage needs. Our range includes: 

  • Portable jewellery carry cases
  • Display pads and pins
  • Leatherette gem cases
  • Leatherette trays
  • Leather and foam ring slot inserts
  • Earring and pendant inserts
  • Foam display sheets

No matter your unique requirements, we’re sure to have the ideal jewellery case or tray for you!

How do I choose the ideal pieces for me?

This depends largely on your specific requirements, including the type and volume of jewellery pieces you need to store and transport. Having said this, our online store makes it easy to select the ideal pieces for you — along with images, all of our jewellery cases, trays and inserts come with size and specification details, as well as a handy product enquiry function.