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Married at First Sight

Date: 01-03-2023


Pierre Germani

Pierre Germani was referred to the producers of the hit TV show ‘Married at First Sight’ (MAFS) as a potential supplier of the critical ingredients of any wedding – the wedding rings. Twenty rings for the 10 couples involved in the show.

He was asked to provide samples of his rings for the MAFS team to consider. When he followed up on how things were going with the decision making, he learnt that he was in the top 3, but was unlikely to get the nod, as his ring boxes weren’t quite glamorous enough for the big screen.

Pierre was fully aware of the substantial positive impact being involved in MAFS could have on his business. So, he promptly called into the AJS Sydney showroom and purchased 20 of the best ring boxes in stock. He then spent some very serious money having them embossed and embroidered and resubmitted his rings in his new packaging to the MAFS producers.

The new packaging was a hit and Pierre landed the job. As it turns out that was the easy bit. He now had a two-week deadline to produce the rings.

Pierre is no stranger to pressure. In fact, he thrives on it. He calls himself ‘Mission Impossible”! In 2015 he was referred to the Qatar Government as a potential supplier of the trophy for the Handball World Cup. The only issue was that he only had 30 days to produce the trophy – a project that you would normally expect to take 12 months.

Pierre produced an amazing piece of art as can be seen in the accompanying photo.

Pierre gives credit to his adopted country, Australia, for his optimistic outlook. He arrived as a 20-year-old refugee from Lebanon, in 1989 with essentially the clothes on his back.

He has proven to himself time and time again, that anything is possible in Australia if you are prepared to put in the work. There is no doubt that Pierre is a professional at what he does and that he enjoys providing great results for his clients. He says that last year alone he provided wedding and engagement rings to hundreds of happy customers.

Pierre said, “The feedback I received from the MAFS producers was outstanding. They described the rings as ‘stunning’, which I was really happy about, and very proud.”

‘Married at First Sight’ is currently being aired on ‘9Now’. Every wedding features Pierre’s rings, so tune in to an episode to check them out. This is the ninth series of MAFS and over the previous 8 series, of the 71 couples involved, only 5 are still together.

This season, the couples may or may not find the love of their lives, but at least they will have nice rings to wear!

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