Wax Working Tools

Wax Working Tools

Craft ornate jewellery with wax carving tools

At Australian Jewellers Supplies, we know every masterpiece begins with a creative spark. That’s why we offer a collection of wax-working tools to help you bring your artistic visions to life. Whether you’re an experienced jewellery maker or discovering a new hobby, our top-quality wax carving tools are essential for your artistry.

Wax working essentials: Wax carvers, wax burs, carving tips and other accessories

Our wax carving sets are your toolkit for turning raw concepts into tangible, wearable wonders. Carve, refine and mould wax effortlessly with our complete wax carving kits, turning raw materials into stunning jewellery pieces. 

With a range of bur sizes and shapes, you can transform wax blocks into awe-inspiring patterns. Whether crafting delicate filigree or adding depth to your creations, our wax bur sets provide accuracy and control to your jewellery making. 

And if you’re keen on intricate detailing, invest in additional brass tips, wax pens and other accessories. These are small yet indispensable tools for the modern wax carver, as they allow you to create fine and unique details on your jewellery.

Sculpt with precision using wax carving tools from Australian Jewellers Supplies

At Australian Jewellers Supplies, we believe jewellery making is more than a craft — it’s an expression of your creativity and passion. With our wax carving tools and accessories, you can design and form the most unique and wonderful jewellery pieces. 

Are you ready to elevate your jewellery-making experience with wax-working tools? Explore and shop our selection of wax carving sets, wax bur kits, wax saw blades and other accessories. We offer same-day delivery for orders completed at noon anywhere in Australia, ensuring you can get started on advanced techniques in jewellery-making as soon as possible.

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