Metal: Sheet, Wire, Tube, Testing

Metal: Sheet, Wire, Tube, Testing

Metal materials are widely used to produce beautiful jewellery. At Australian Jewellers Supplies, we support local jewellers, hobbyists, and students with metal sheet and wire, metal working tools, and testing products. From copper sheet and wire materials to brass, silver, and gold, we supply high-quality products for all jewellery-making applications.

We have aluminium sheets, brass sheets and wire, copper sheets and wire, silver sheets and wire, titanium sheets and wire, gold sheets and wire, and metal testing supplies. The shopping experience is hassle-free at AJS, with our website easy to navigate and fast shipping as part of our business model. Same-day dispatch is available for all pre-noon orders, and free shipping is offered for orders over $200. If you want to see our products in person, we have showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

If you need jewellery sheet metal or jewellery wire, please make an order or contact AJS today.


What are the best metal sheets for jewellery making?

High-quality metal sheets play an essential role in producing many jewellery items. Different materials offer their own benefits during and after production, from affordable base metals like brass and copper to expensive precious metals like silver and gold. There is no single "best" metal for jewellery, so it's important to think about personal preference, aesthetics, intended application and cost.

How much metal sheet will I need?

Along with the type of metal and gauge or thickness, adequate quantities are needed to ensure seamless production. A commercial metal sheet size is often 100 x 100 mm, although this can vary between materials. When ordering, think about product sizes and techniques before you order, and leave enough margin for errors and angles.

What should I look for when buying metal sheets?

High-quality material is vital for jewellery-making applications. Along with the type of metal, gauge of metal, and overall product dimensions, the quality of the material should influence your choice. At AJS, we supply high-grade metal materials for jewellery makers and other refined applications that require only the sturdiest tools.