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A Permanent Niche

Date: 01-12-2023



Kelsey Byrne


At heart, Kelsey Byrne has always been a maker. As a child she was drawn to anything shiny and beautiful. She fondly remembers being given a jewellery-making kit one Christmas and spending hours pouring over the little charms and different beads. The materials may have changed but Kelsey’s love of creating special pieces to be treasured, has not.

In 2016 Kelsey heard about a one-week course being conducted by the Bardon Goldsmith’s School, based at an inner-city suburb of Brisbane. She booked herself in and made the trek from Canberra, a journey that would change her life.

Kelsey says, “The course opened my soul. I drew wire, and it was hot to the touch. My heart sang! I couldn't believe how cool it was. That I could change metal and create something beautiful and wearable that would last a lifetime.”  

In 2017 Kelsey was accepted to the Australian National University Bachelor in Goldsmithing.

She says, “I wanted to spend as much time at the bench as possible and decided an apprenticeship was the way to go. So, I started pumping out my resume to local jewellers and cold-called everyone.”

With the assistance of three Canberran jewellers, Kelsey went on to complete her apprenticeship in 2021, winning two awards for her work.

Selling at the markets in the lead up to Christmas of 2022, Kelsey saw a gap in the Canberra market for permanent jewellery and in March 2023 she purchased a welder.

She is now taking consistent bookings and doing house visits for celebrations. 

“I sell a lot of bezel-set round charms, initials and pearls. I love meeting all of the excited people who are getting something beautiful and meaningful for themselves. They are collaborating with each other and have the power to design something and take it home straight away.” 

“My favourite event was when I got booked for a surprise home visit to two ladies who both had newborns. One of the friends had booked it as a birthday present to her friend. They got gold chains with birthstone charms for their respective babies.”

I am always updating my latest creations on Instagram, and as a result people will message me or book me through my Square appointment app.  

Kelsey says that she is hoping to expand her services to Christmas parties, hens parties, birthday events and even wedding receptions!

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Kelsey Byrne

Kelsey Byrne

Kelsey Byrne

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