Searching for elegant display solutions for your jewellery collection? Whether you’re a jewellery retailer, repairer or hobbyist, you’re sure to find what you’re after at our diverse range of jewellery displays in Australia. 

With a collection encompassing everything for elegant pendants, rings, earrings and watches to classy ring discs and cones, functional busts and more, our store is your number-one go-to for all things jewellery display. 

At AJS, our global range now exceeds 11,000 exceptional quality products, including jewellery cases, trays and inserts, jewellery tags and price labels, jewellery rolls and wraps, jewellery ID tags, and leatherette and acrylic props, busts and boards. To make your shopping experience a positive one, we provide free shipping on all orders over $200 (some conditions apply) and same-day despatch for orders placed before noon on weekdays. Shop our entire range today! 


What are the different types of jewellery display products?

We offer a truly huge range of jewellery display products, including:

  • Black, clear and frosted acrylic props, busts and boards
  • Leatherette props, busts and boards in various colours
  • Jewellery cases, trays and inserts
  • Jewellery ID tags, rolls and wraps
  • Jewellery price labels and tags for retail

How do I choose the right displays for me?

The right displays for you will depend on a few factors, including the type and volume of jewellery you’d like to display and your preferred style of display. Our online store makes choosing the right display easy — all are accompanied with their sizing and specifications so you can showcase your pieces most elegantly and securely. 

What are the best jewellery displays for retail?

The best jewellery displays for retail will showcase the piece in the most effective and flattering way. Think elegant stands for rings, earrings, pendants, bangles and watches, classy display busts and earring trees, and ring discs and cones.