In the world of jewellery making, every masterpiece begins with a delicate touch, a precise strike and an unwavering commitment to perfection. To ensure you can easily define, shape and texture your pieces, a high-quality jewellery hammer is an all-purpose tool every professional and amateur needs in their kit to create pieces that capture the eye and heart. To lend your craftsmanship an expert hand, AJS stocks a wide range of jewellery hammers and mallets for all your jewellery-making requirements.

Discover the ultimate hammers for jewellery-making

A staple in any jeweller’s or horologist’s kit, jewellery hammers help to amplify your ability and creativity to achieve a flawless finish and ensure a lasting construction. Whether you’re straightening sheets of metal, embedding rivets or manipulating your material, our high-quality range ensures you can perform every action with precise results and attention to detail. 

At Australian Jewellery Supplies, we carry an expansive collection of jewellery hammers you can rely on to complete every step. From chasing hammers to embossing hammers, raising hammers and planishing hammers, among many others, you can choose from a range with various weights and ergonomic handles that feel comfortable in your hands while providing extreme control.

If you’re tired of replacing tools that perform poorly soon after purchasing, we stock a vetted selection of quality brands, such as AJS and Fretz, that maintain their structure and grip so you can masterfully craft your creations from one product collection to the next. Shop our jewellery hammer and mallet range today to experience the AJS standard for yourself.

Perfect your design with a hammer for jewellery making from Australian Jewellery Supplies

Whether you’re manufacturing jewellery, making repairs or need the tools of the trade to create bespoke pieces, jewellery hammers from AJS will help you take your sketches into a finished product.

If you’re looking for other equipment to complete your workshop, discover our range of benches, tools and accessories, or for more information, we invite you to review our FAQS. Need to make a bulk order to kit your staff with high-quality tools? Don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re here to help. Shop today for free shipping for orders over $200.