Equipment & Parts

Equipment & Parts

Refine your jewellery pieces in bulk with mass finishing equipment

At Australian Jewellers Supplies, we understand the importance of quality, precision and efficiency in jewellery production. That’s why we offer a wide range of mass finishing equipment & parts for your jewellery making requirements. From spare dry discs to electric finishing systems, our tools empower you to achieve the flawless finish you desire. 

Discover the sparkling perks of mass finishing your jewellery

Mass finishing is critical to the final stages of jewellery making. Using mass finishing equipment, you can polish, deburr and finish multiple jewellery pieces at once. It’s a cost-effective and time-efficient method that ensures consistent results across your pieces. You’ll be able to achieve a stunning, polished look every time, without having to worry that a few pieces will stand out for the wrong reasons. 

Our mass finishing equipment includes but is not limited to the following: 

  1. Tumbling barrels — These rotate and tumble jewellery pieces along with abrasive compounds to get a polished finish. Our selection includes various barrel sizes to accommodate different batch sizes. We stock rotary and vibratory tumblers as well as magnetic finishers.
  2. Drying equipment — After processing jewellery with mass finishing equipment, drying tools help remove any residual moisture. 
  3. Accessories and replacement parts — Already have mass finishing equipment but need replacement parts? We’ve got you covered with our range of media, accessories and spare parts, from drying discs to spare barrels.

Craft brilliance with mass finishing equipment and parts at Australian Jewellers Supplies

Investing in the right mass finishing equipment is crucial to achieving an impeccable finish for your jewellery pieces. Offering consistency, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, these tools are true game-changers in jewellery making. 

Browse our range of mass finishing equipment and spare parts to unveil true brilliance with every piece you create. We offer same-day delivery Australia-wide for orders completed before noon and free shipping for a minimum order of $200.

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