3D Printers

3D Printers

The commercial and cultural influence of 3D printers should not be underestimated. Over recent years, this exciting technology has inspired new innovations, accelerated existing productions, and shaped entire industry sectors. At Australian Jewellers Supplies, we supply 3D printers in Australia for the jewellery-making community, including parts and accessories and specialised printer resin.

Designed to simplify the process, we’re your one-stop shop for buying a 3D printer that elevates your jewellery making. Our website contains great information, and the shipping process is painless. Same-day dispatch is available for all orders made before noon, and free shipping is available for orders over $200. If you want to see our 3D printers in Australia in person, we also have Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth showrooms.

If you’re ready to purchase your 3D printer for jewellery making, please make an order or contact Australian Jewellers Supplies today.


How do 3D printers work?

Before you buy a 3D printer in Australia, you should have a rough idea of how they work. During the printing process, sequential layers of material are laid down one at a time. The final printed object is created through an additive process, with different materials, colours, densities, and geometries influencing the final result.

How are 3D printers used to make jewellery?

3D printers have found a home in many creative and commercial sectors, including jewellery making. When making jewellery, printers are sometimes used to create rough "sketches" before the piece is manufactured. Jewellery makers can test isolated components, produce entire pieces, and compare and contrast design versions without the expense of manufacturing.

What are the benefits of using a 3D printer for jewellery making?

In the field of lapidary, 3D printers allow jewellery designers to visualise and test pieces prior to manufacture. This has a range of commercial benefits, with jewellery makers able to reduce material expenses and speed up production times. A 3D printer also benefits customers, allowing them to see pieces, wear pieces, and review them before purchasing.