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A Caffeine Hit!

Date: 02-09-2023


Genevieve Jordan 

During lockdown, Genevieve Jordan’s two sons, as part of their primary school upcycling project, were tasked with reusing and improving things in the house that would have otherwise gone in the bin. Genevieve provided them with a large container of items which included coffee pods that she would normally have taken to the school to recycle.

Genevieve said, “Interestingly, the boys didn’t use coffee pods for their projects, but I thought I would take part in the project myself, or at least the spirit of it, as I just missed the age qualification!”

Having cleaned the coffee pods and used the coffee for the garden, Genevieve determined that she would do something different with the packaging. Through trial and error, and countless hours of research, she developed a unique method to turn coffee pods into amazing art. A business was born! She called it ‘BUD’, based on the acronym ‘Beautiful Upcycled Designs’.

“I have loved the journey that creating BUD jewellery has taken me on. From designing beautiful products, building a website, marketing through social media, and running a stall at local markets in Sydney. I have learnt so much!” Genevieve proudly proclaims.

“Conservation, creativity, and change are the three fundamental pillars that drive the BUD ethos. What sets my business apart is the unique and innovative approach to crafting earrings. I take discarded coffee pods and transform them into stunning earrings that embody the values of sustainability and zero waste.”

With a successful career in change management, coaching, leadership development and positive psychology behind her, Genevieve has discovered a new joy in this creative pursuit.

Genevieve elaborates, “My days are filled with flow when I create. It is truly a great feeling when customers not only purchase products I have laboured over, but they return to buy more for themselves or as gifts for family and friends. What a great sense of pride and enjoyment there is in making a quality product that tells a story and brings a smile to their face.”

Genevieve uses the opportunity of being at the markets to sow environmental seeds to customers and their children.

She says, “My message is that we don’t always have to throw things away and we can strive to find alternatives to satisfy our needs, such as reusable or compostable pods. This ethos is core to my upbringing in the northern tablelands of New South Wales, where things weren’t always so readily available as in the city. Water was sacred, 2-minute showers were the norm and there was heating only in the kitchen - despite minus 10 degree winters. We put on another jumper, used what we had and were careful with our environment.”

Two years on, Genevieve now focuses a lot more on BUD and less on the corporate world. She has gone from the kitchen table to a strong online store. Her products are being ranged in several retail outlets nationwide and she sells at market stalls most weekends.

Genevieve declares, ‘This gives me great satisfaction, but I have to say the kitchen table still gets a workout!”

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