Crucibles & Holders

Crucibles & Holders

Take your jewellery-making to the next level with crucibles for melting metal 

Behind every stunning piece of jewellery is a process of transformation for precious metals. That’s why we offer crucibles for sale here at Australian Jewellers Supplies — to allow advanced jewellery makers to turn raw materials into wearable art. 

Crucibles and holders: Essential tools for melting metal

Crucibles are the soul of the jewellery-making process, where elements merge, and creativity flows with molten metal. Our gold-melting crucibles provide a safe and optimal environment for melting and shaping metal, ensuring purity and integrity in every pour. And if you prefer to work with metals other than gold, we stock crucibles to cater for platinum, silver, innovative alloys and more.

We have various crucibles on sale here at Australian Jewellers Supplies, catering to unique jewellery preferences. Opt for ceramics if you want to work with a wide range of metals, including gold and silver. And for reactive metals like titanium and zirconium, graphite, crucibles for melting metal are the perfect choice.

Our holders offer a safe and stable solution to handle crucibles for melting metal. The ergonomic design is more than aesthetics — it's a commitment to your comfort, safety and concentration. Whether you prefer the grip of rods or tongs, our holders allow you to focus solely on your gold-melting crucible.

Advance your jewellery-making with crucibles and holders from Australian Jewellers Supplies

Our crucibles for melting metal are essential tools for taking your craft to a whole new level. With crucibles and holders, you can create unique pieces entirely from scratch and experiment with various types of metals safely.

Begin your transformative journey with our collection of gold-melting crucibles and holders at Australian Jewellers Supplies. Shop now and redefine the way you create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. We offer same-day delivery Australia-wide for orders completed before noon.

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