Diamond Drills & Burs

Diamond Drills & Burs

AJS stock a wide range of diamond drills & burs for your jewellery making requirements. Our top-of-the-line drills and burs can help you cut your precious and semi-precious stones to create the jewellery your clients expect.

We stock a variety of burs, including large steel burs and tungsten carbide burs. We also have both steel drills and tungsten carbide drills available for different applications of jewellery making.

Beyond just diamond burs and drills, we also have a variety of lubricants, stands and burnishers that can help you with the drilling process. Be sure to check out our Maillefer steel burs & drills on clearance to save a bit of money on your purchase.

At Australian Jewellers Supply, we have same-day dispatch for drills and burs if ordered before noon on Mondays to Fridays. Shop online for free shipping over $200!


What are diamond drills used for in jewellery making?

Diamond drills are used to shape stones. They can cut through hard materials since the cutting end is coated in diamond pieces. Note that you may need to add lubrication when drilling stones to create a smooth cut.

What are diamond burs used for in jewellery making?

Diamond burs are ideal for drilling holes in certain materials, such as beads, glass and pearls. These holes, called ‘seats’, are where a stone is placed in some settings.

How do I choose the right diamond bur and drill for my project?

The type of drill and bur you will need depends on what you are cutting, how hard the material is, the size of the stone or the hole you need to cut. Each project will have different requirements. If you need help finding the right drill or bur for your project, contact our team at AJS so we can assist you.