Soldering Tweezers, Clamps & Accessories

Soldering Tweezers, Clamps & Accessories

Master jewellery soldering with tweezers, clamps and accessories

The technique of soldering in jewellery making requires the right tools beyond boards, bricks and mesh. To transform metal into wearable art, you’ll need soldering tweezers, soldering clamps and accessories. No need to look beyond our online shop here at Australian Jewellers Supplies — we have a wide range of soldering tweezers, clamps and accessories for your jewellery-making requirements.  

Soldering tweezers, clamps and accessories you need for precise jewellery making

When soldering metals to create a seamless piece of jewellery, you need tools that deliver precise detailing. Soldering tools are exactly what you need. 

Soldering tweezers are nimble and allow for fine-tuning the most delicate components of your jewellery. With these tweezers in hand, you gain the control needed to achieve seamless joints and intricate connections. 

As for bigger pieces, you can rely on soldering clamps to hold them together. They ensure stability where your hands cannot. With soldering clamps, you can focus on your technique and creativity, knowing your workpiece remains firmly in place. 

If you need more soldering tools, our selection goes beyond soldering tweezers and clamps to encompass a range of soldering accessories and spare parts. These include binding wire for secure fastening, a soldering station for precise temperature control, third hand attachments for added support and a solder pick set for intricate work. 

Shop soldering tweezers, clamps and accessories at Australian Jewellers Supplies

When it comes to making jewellery, the smallest details matter. How you set gemstones, connect joints and fuse metals all rely on having the right soldering tools. Browse our range of soldering tweezers, clamps and accessories and get free shipping for a minimum order of $200. We offer same-day delivery Australia-wide for orders completed before noon! 

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