Setting Hand Tools General

Setting Hand Tools General

Finish your jewellery with gemstones using our setting hand tools

Add an intricate touch to your pieces with tools used to set jewellery with the perfect gemstones. At Australian Jewellers Supplies, we stock a wide range of general setting hand tools for your jewellery making requirements. Expand your collection of jewellery tools with bezels, burnishers, ring clamps and more. 

From bezels to epoxy adhesives: discover our complete range of setting tools

Setting hand tools are essential jewellers tools. They are used to set, shape and polish gemstones in place. 

Dapping blocks, for instance, provide stability and control to help you shape metals into your desired form. Bezel pushers and rollers, along with setting punches, assist in securely holding gems in place with bezels. They allow precious stones to be positioned at the perfect angle to capture and reflect light the way you want them. And, you’ll never have to worry about losing the valuable stones of your jewellery pieces. 

For more detailing, use burnishers to polish bezels into perfection and beading tools to add textures and patterns. Alternatively, millgrain wheels add delicate and decorative edging for extra elegance. These jewellery tools make each of your creations unique, seamless and finished to perfection. 

Perfect your jewellery making with setting tools from Australian Jewellers Supplies

Crafting exquisite jewellery is a delicate form of art. And with our range of setting hand tools at Australian Jewellers Supplies, from bezels rollers to beading tool kits, you have trusted companions on your creative journey. 

Browse our range of jewellery tools and get ready to transform raw materials into fine jewellery! We also have setting and engraving tools to add to your growing jewellery tool collection. 

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