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Bride's Made

Date: 02-06-2021


Shannon Bride

Shannon Bride was looking for an activity to relieve the stress of her job in animal welfare. 

So, she took up beading, which she really enjoyed, but she wanted to do more in silver. When Shannon spotted an ad for a course at her local TAFE, she enrolled and fell in love with it immediately.

Other commitments limited her hours at the bench, but she made pieces for family and friends for a few years as time permitted. 

Shannon said, “When Covid hit my business stopped and I found myself with so much time to finally do what I love. I invested in more tools, stones and silver and spent whole days in my home studio.”

“Since restrictions lifted, I have decided to work only three days a week now and spend the rest of my time in my workshop.”

Shannon is fortunate to have markets near where she lives and has been selling her jewellery there with some success. She also has pieces on display in a local gallery.

There is no doubt Shannon is very talented, as evidenced by the quality of the jewellery on display here. Shannon says that she is lucky to be surrounded by very talented artists in her area and she gets a lot of inspiration from them.

Shannon declares, “I’ve started very late in life, but I’m finally able to have the time to do what I love!”

Continued success Shannon!

Shannon Bride  Shannon Bride

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