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AJS Showroom Demonstrations

Check out these videos from Demo Days held at AJS Showrooms around Australia.


Wood Carving
Wood Carving & Engraving (Brisbane 1hr 34 min)
Peter Ward demonstrates wood carving techniques to further improve your own skills.

Basket Setting

Basket Setting (Perth 1hr 54 min)
Max Butcher demonstrates how to make a basket setting along with any tips and tricks that can make your job easier.


Bone Carving

Bone Carving (Brisbane. 2hrs 25min)
Rod Perry demonstrates where to source your bones, how to prepare them and how to carve and finish your design.


Kinetic Components

Kinetic Components (Brisbane. 2hrs 56min)
Renata demonstrating how to incorporate kinetic movement into jewellery designs using hinges, rivets, and other movable joints. 




Riveting (Brisbane. 2hrs 30min)
Clare demonstrating how to cold join your Easter gifts.


Non-conforming Dies

Non-Conforming Dies For Hollow Forms (Brisbane. 2hrs 30min)
Dan uses simple equipment to create a non conforming hollow shape in two halves that will be soldered together to form one hollow form. He demonstrates each step including how to ensure a clean join between the two halves, soldering on subsequent details and finishing techniques. 


Cold Connections

Cold Connections (Adelaide. 57min)
In this video above Master Silversmith, Jacques Fabian demonstrates the technique of joining metal together without the use of heat or solder.



Texturing (Brisbane. 1hr 15min)
Clare demonstrating various texturing methods including embossing dies, make your own texturing hammer, reticulation, roller imprinting.


Kahni - Working with Wax
Working with Wax (Brisbane. 1hr 41min)
Kahni builds up a wax model by depositing wax using various tools and techniques.


Dedeco Polishers (42 min)
Bill Hill shares tips and tricks around Dedeco Silicone polishers.
He discusses the various profiles and provides suggestions for how you would use them.