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Orion 150s

4 Reasons the Orion 150s the best selling Pulse Arc Welder in the World!

  1. Preferred Energy Range.
    1. The Orion 150s has a power range of 1 to 150 Joules.
    2. On the low end of the power scale, the 150s has the ability to deliver two less Joules than the 100c.
    3. On the high end, the 150s can deliver 50 more Joules than the 100c.
      1. That additional power range is significant. For most shops, you’ll never need more than 150 Joules.

  2. Larger Touchscreen Display.
    1. The Orion150s is a 100% digitally controlled welder.
    2. The 150s has no bothersome knobs or dials. You simply use your finger to set all weld parameters.
    3. The 150s has a large 20 cm display, which means that controls are easier to read and access.

  3. Expanded Interface and Power Control.
    1. With a larger touchscreen, Sunstone packed the 150s with on-screen how-to videos.
      1. At any time, the operator can peruse the video library for in-depth instruction.
    2. The 150s has multiple agitation options, providing the operator with expanded creative flexibility by modifying how the power is delivered.

  4. Expanded Spot Size Range.
    1. When needed, the 150s can gently deliver a weld as small as 0.5 mm, which is pretty small, a great solution for any shop needed a tiny little weld.
    2. On the flip side, when you need something bigger, you can leverage the 150s’ energy range to create a weld spot 3.5 mm in diameter. In the micro welding world, 3.5 mm is pretty big.

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