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Toni Naylor


Toni Naylor

Submission from: Toni Naylor
Business: Manufacturing Jeweller - Myaree, WA
Item: An 18ct yellow gold , Australian Opal Ring

I hand crafted a ring using 18 ct yellow gold and an Australian white opal, all the metal was rolled by hand and marked out for the individual cluster stones of varying sizes.As I have recently purchased an Orion Mpulse 30 welder the undercarriage was assembled with it  and the shank was pre positioned prior to soldering eliminating the traditional use of binding wire, a hugely effective and time saving machine that is now an integral part of my manufacturing process.

AJS Products used: Orion Mpulse 30 welderGRS benchmatesyenset ensharp sharpening system for the graversVallorbe hand toolsStrong micromotor Elma ultrasonicAJS Pliersfixed saw frame8/0 saw bladesbusch bursSunburst radial wheels

Connect with Toni at perthjeweller.com or find Toni on Facebook here