Plier - Half-Round and Flat Forming with Nylon Jaw

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These forming pliers feature one smooth, flat nylon jaw and one stainless steel half-round jaw; the combination gives you increased flexibility in forming metal, while protecting the surface of the workpiece from mars and scratches. Forming pliers have a variety of jaw configurations designed to maximize the ability to bend, shape or form wire, strip and sheet. The flat jaw is ideal for making broader, wider curves in metal wire and strip; bend wire around the half-round jaw to create a tighter curve, or firmly grip a curved piece of metal. The tough, rust-resistant stainless steel gives a reasonable tool life and good value.

• These pliers have a box joint; one half of the joint surrounds the other, and the pivot is contained within. This joint holds its alignment far longer than a lap joint but allows the tool to open only as far as the box size.

• The handles are coated in PVC for a surer grip and increased comfort.


Jaw style : Forming

Jaw length : .94" (24mm)

Tip width : Multiple

Overall length/dimensions : 5.5" (140mm)