Presidium - Gemstone Dial Gauge & Chart - 0-23mm

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The industry’ s only easy-to-use analog gauge for measuring gemstone dimensions with direct conversion to carat weight for round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Presidium Dial Gauge measures from 0.0 to 23.0mm in 0.1mm divisions. The PDG features an easy-to-read millimeter and carat scale, and is only dial gauge in the industry that combines dual measurements for gemstones in millimeters with corresponding carat conversion for round brilliant-cut gemstones. PDG also contains an inner scale display for US ring size measurements.

The PDG is manufactured to the highest quality and features a patented anvil with a non-metallic lubrication-free rack and pinion technology that resist wear and tear and maintain its accuracy.

Measures from 0.0 to 23.0mm

Accuracy: 0.1mm / Tolerance: 0.02mm with simple zero realignment

Analog gauge with mm/ct/ring size display

Patented anvil

Smooth slider mechanism

Portable and lightweight

Compact protective case included

Attachment for high setting jewelry provided

Presidium Gemstone Weight Estimation Table provided

Size: 97 L x 61 W x 16mm High - 100g