Presidium - Electronic Gemstone Gauge

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The industry’ s most reliable digital gauge that measures gemstone dimensions with direct conversion to carat weight for round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Presidium Electronic Gemstone Gauge is the industry’ s first digital gemstone gauge and remains the only reliable one able to convert gemstone dimensions to estimated carat weight for round brilliant-cuts.

Utilizing solid-state electronics to accurately measure up to 1/100mm, this gauge also features a clear and visible high-tech digital display for ease of reading measurements. Its touch button zeroing allows the convenience of resetting to zero at any measurement point.

A high-setting jewelry attachment also allows easy measurement of mounted gemstones and its subsequent conversion to carat weight.

The Presidium Electronic Gemstone Gauge also includes the Presidium Gemstone Weight Estimation Table, which corresponds millimeter conversion to carat weight estimation.

Measures from 0.0 to 25.0mm

Accuracy: 0.01mm / Tolerance: 0.02mm

Direct digital millimeter/carat readout

Touch button zeroing that allows the convenience of resetting to zero at any measurement point

Smooth slider mechanism

Low battery consumption

Portable and lightweight

Attachment for high-setting jewelry provided as accessory

Presidium Gemstone Weight Estimation Table provided

Compact protective case included with auto-magnetic power off when placed in carrying case

Size: 97 L x 61 W x 16mm High - 110g (wihtout batteries)

Requires: 1 x 3V battery