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AJS Product Library

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AJS Tool Kits

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AJS Chasing & Repoussé Tool Sets


Sunburst Range of Discs, Points and Pins


Tyler Brothers Setting Plates


Ion-Stream Jewellery Cleaning Kit for Retail Jewellers

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Electroplating Jewellery with Renata

Renata demonstrates the process electroplating pieces of jewellery using 24 carat cyanide free plating solution.

Smith Little Torch - Gas Setup

Steve demonstrates how to setup the LPG and Oxygen for your Smith Little torch.

Smith Little Torch - Hose Replacement

Steve demonstrates how to replace the hoses on your Smith Little Torch

Choosing the Right Solder for Your Job

Dan Cox explains how to determine the right solder to use for your job.

 The AJS Tool Bag is Magic!

Andrew highlights some of the features of the AJS Tool Bag.