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Choosing the Tools for your Bench

To help you determine the best tools for your bench simply follow this two step process.

  1. Watch our video below.
  2. Then let us help you tailor a tool package to suit your requirements.


1. Watch

Watch the following video for recommendations on the tools you need for your bench.
Pick up some handy tips along the way. (17 min)



2. Fill in the form below to choose your tools

Of the tools that we recommended check them off using the following form.

  • Please note that the form is simply a list - it is not an order. 
  • The list will be emailed to you and your local branch upon completion.
  • We'll then help tailor a set of tools to suit your needs.


If you have a specific tool in mind, explore our wide range of accessories and tools, like engravers and setting equipment, as well as benches and chairs that can help you upgrade your workstation. We also carry a sizeable collection of essential hardware including saws, hammers, pliers, and cutters. And whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, we have a large choice of measuring tools and magnifiers to suit your specific requirements.