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U-Namel Starter Kit - 7 Colours with LED Light

View the video below to see U-Namel in action. (3min 45sec)

  • Cures in 2 minutes
  • Scratch, Wear & Fade resistant
  • Will not chip, peel, crack, shrink or flake
  • Easy to drill, grind, polish, carve or sand
  • Mix colours to make virtually any colour, shade or opacity
  • Can be turned at high speed
  • Adheres to almost any surface
  • Can be inlaid into metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, enamel or U-Namel itself
  • Can be layered to produce domes and cabochons
  • Comes with 7 colours: Blue, Clear, Yellow, Green, Red, White & Black plus LED Light
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