Abrasive Bands, Discs, Paper, Sticks & Wheels

Abrasive Bands, Discs, Paper, Sticks & Wheels

Elevate your craft with our exquisite jewellery-making abrasives

Dive into the world of jewellery-making with our selection of abrasive bands, discs, paper, sticks and wheels. At Australian Jewellers Supplies, we consider crafting jewellery as a creative expression and our products as your artistic tools. Whether you’re an enthusiastic hobbyist, these abrasives are essential products for any jeweller. 

Polish your jewellery with our abrasive tools

Our range of abrasives includes the following:

  • Abrasive bands — For jewellery that requires delicate touches — be it refining metal or smoothing out edges — these bands deliver accurate finishing on small to large surfaces.
  • Abrasive discs — Our abrasive discs are easy to snap onto your trusty mandrel, allowing you to easily finish or shape materials. 
  • Abrasive paper — Create delicate gradients, smoothen surfaces and add nuanced textures with the subtle polishing of abrasive paper
  • Abrasive sticks — Craft intricate designs, carve ornate patterns or simply sand to prepare your metal before turning it into stunning jewellery pieces. Abrasive sticks allow easy handling, perfect for sculpting or sanding small areas. 
  • Abrasive wheels — If you need a tool to shape, grind or sculpt large pieces of metal with efficiency, opt for abrasive wheels

Create brilliance with our range of abrasives at Australian Jewellers Supplies

Your artistic journey deserves the best tools, and we at Australian Jewellers Supplies can provide you with the essential abrasives for preparing or finishing your pieces. From the subtlety of abrasive paper to the power of abrasive wheels, each product in our selection of abrasive tools serves a different purpose. Still, all contribute to a brilliant piece of jewellery anyone will be proud to wear.

Ready to elevate your craft? Browse our collection of abrasives above and stock up on essential tools for your jewellery-making. We also supply mounted abrasives at our shop. Order before noon and enjoy same-day delivery!

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