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A Bend in the Road

Date: 07-05-2020


Gayle McLucas


Gayle McLucas used to focus her artistic pursuits on painting, but when she became a full-time carer to a relative with dementia, she no longer had the time that being an artist requires. 

Gayle says, "Being a carer means spending a lot of time just hanging about waiting, so working with wire was perfect as it is easily transportable, requires minimal tools, and you can drop it and pick it back up later."

Wire wrapping led to working with other metals, and soon Gayle was addicted to metalsmithing. And by that she means bashing metal. Gayle loves her hammers!

Gayle says that she still has to pinch herself over the opportunities that her sanity-saving hobby has given her. "Never did I think that I would be a full time craftsperson, let alone earn a living from it."

Gayle said that she could never have imagined that she would exhibit her pieces, or have them collected by people all over the world. 

In her words, “So, from humble beginnings as a ‘housewife who makes earrings’, I am now proud to call myself an 'artisan' and I owe it all to a blackbird's nest that inspired my very first wire weaving.”

Gayle has exhibited at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston and an exhibition celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Norfolk Plains in Tasmania.

Gayle trades as Gayle M Designs. Below are two pieces of her art.


Gayle McLucas  Gayle McLucas

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