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Frankie Barloc

Date: 16-Oct-2019


AJS Showcase

Submission from: Frankie Barloc
Business: Hobbyist - Gympie, QLD
Item: Hand Rolled Copper Leaf Pin
This is my contribution to the 2019 JMGQ Pin Swap. To create my raised leaf sections, I rolled annealed and repurposed copper sheet (from a wood heater flu) between 2 brass sheets with a cardboard leaf cutout. I used my trusty saw (came in a kit when I was a student - too many years ago) to cut the leaf. Formed a bail and pin closure with more repurposed copper wire and strip (from some old motors alternator) and soldered them in place. A bit of clean up was necessary as I’m the demon who uses too much solder! I used micro polinet cut to a thin strip and twisted like string in the really tight spaces. Put in a simple stainless steel pin then did my final clean up. I hope that the person who receives my pin enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
AJSProducts used: Foredom polisher, Micro polinet on Busch mandrels, Sunburst pins, Orca Torch, Easyflow flux paste, Solder & Sawing tool kit