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Life's Lessons

Date: 01-09-2019


Chris Sherwin

Chris Sherwin says that teaching and mentoring people has given him the most rewards from the jewellery industry. 

It is heartwarming to hear this from a person who has forged a successful 38 year career from a profession that can certainly have it’s highs and lows.

His abilities as a teacher are endorsed by the outstanding comments we receive about his presentations when he honours AJS by conducting demonstrations in our Melbourne Showroom.

Awarded ‘Best First Year Student in Gold and Silversmithing' in 1982 and a 'De Beers Diamond Award' finalist in 1993, Chris is proficient in many aspects of  jewellery making. He is a Goldsmith (small worker), Silversmith (large worker) and Platinumsmith. He engraves, sets his own stones and does enamel work.

It is these skills that made Chris such a valuable asset at the Melbourne Polytechnic, where he was Course Coordinator and Senior Teacher for 9 years (2000-09). He also taught for many years at University and TAFE - all whilst running his own business.

Chris gains great satisfaction from the success of his students, a number who have gone on to work at Boucheron, Bulgari and Tiffany.

So there is hope for the budding jeweller who attends one of Chris’s AJS Demo Days! In addition to seeing a master craftsman at work, people delight in his stories and his sense of humour.

There is no doubt Chris is enjoying the journey! A great lesson for all of us.

Click here to see images of some of Chris’s art. 

If you would like to see his art in person, look out for upcoming exhibitions …

  • ‘Marks’ Exhibition in Melbourne in 10-13 September. GAA House.
  • ‘Artefact’ Exhibition in Geelong in November. Paper Mill Gallery

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