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Deb Corby

Date: 02-Sep-2019


AJS Showcase

Submission from: Deb Corby
Business: Hobbyist - Merrimac, QLD
Item: Silver Floral Pendant with Green Stone
The pendant was made using silver clay. Individual design pieces were cut out and arranged while still wet so that pieces would stick to the backing. This was then allowed to dry before being heated with a blowtorch to burn off the binding agent. Some soldering was needed to assure a couple of pieces were solidly attached. After cooling and pickling, it was then filed and sanded where necessary and tumbled to polish. The stone was then set using some of the design components to hold it in place.
AJSProducts used: Medium solder, Easy Flow flux paste, needle files, Kor Dzyn long-nosed pliers, bezel pusher