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Celebrating 40 Years!

Date: 10-06-2019


Mark Evans


This year Mark Evans is celebrating 40 years as a bench trained jeweller. 

Originally from the UK, master jeweller Mark Evans established his business in Queensland in 1998.

Trading under the name of Mark Evans Fine Jewellery, Mark has developed a niche creating bespoke jewellery (mainly engagement and wedding rings) and remodelling old jewellery into something fresh and contemporary. 

Mark had previously operated from a retail space, but in 2010 made the decision to set up a shop and workshop at home on the Sunshine Coast. Quite a radical move at the time, but in hindsight he says it is the best thing he ever did, especially since most of his business comes via referral anyway.

For a number of years Mark has used his substantial talents to help raise money for charity by making a piece of jewellery for a charity auction. The money raised helped the families of people who were affected by cancer, as in helping with jobs around the house, gardening, shopping etc - not just for cancer research.

An unusual request came one day when a customer called in wanting a gift for her daughter's 21st. She handed over a pair of false teeth and wanted a pendant created from one of the teeth which had previously been adorned with gold! Click here to view the falsies!

Mark's advice to other business owners is ... "It is easy to get disillusioned sometimes in business, but you just have to persevere and try different ways of doing business!"

Congratulations Mark on your 40 year anniversary!

Click here to see examples of Mark's amazing work.



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