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Carly Brook


Submission from: Carly Brook
Jewellery Manufacturer - Goolwa, SA
Amber Bee Brooch

The brooch is sterling silver set with amber. It is entirely handmade, excluding the safety chain.

I began by making the settings for the amber. I then soldered the settings to a silver sheet, then cut to shape and tidied up. With the amber settings as the body, I traced the shape of a bee for reference for the legs and wings placement.

I then melted a ball of sterling silver to make up the head, shaped, then soldered to body. I then used a sterling silver bar to shape each of the wings and pliers to bend the legs to the right angle. Once all legs were formed, I soldered each to the body. I added some detail to the legs and head using a small needle like punch to give the illusion of little hairs.

Once all the legs were attached, I cleaned it all up using the roll sander mounted abrasives and brownie and greenie mounts. I then used the non asbestos solder board to solder the wings. Each piece of detail on the wings is a separate solder. The solder board really helped me control the heat as the pieces were so fine. Once I attached the wings to the body, I used the small goats hair brushes to clean in all the little hard to reach spots.

I then hand crafted a brooch pin and attached it to the bee on an angle so it is hidden from the front by the legs. I polished it all up, gave it an ultrasonic bath, then set the amber and used the greenie square edge wheel to tidy up the bezel.


AJS Products used: 

Honey comb ceramic solder - for the larger solder
Non-asbestos soldering board - for the tiny wing detail solders|
Luxor orange polishing compound- for finish 
Shofu mounted greenies - mini point, square edge, knife edge 
Shofu mounted brownies - mini point, square edge, knife edge 
Eve brownie barrel
Roll sander mounted abrasive - in multiple grits 

Cotton fibre mounted buff - for polishing 
Goat hair mounted buffs - for polishing
Antilope pliers - for shaping (flat & half round and chain)