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Bree Wilson

Date: 01-02-2023


Bree Wilson


Submission from: Bree Wilson
Category: Jewellery Artist - Coburg, VIC
Item: A Beautiful Place

This pendant is based on the Australian landscape. It is a multi layered, mixed metal pendant of sterling silver, copper and brass and uses multiple patina methods to create depth and colour.

It has 10 hand sawn pieces which were sweat soldered in three stages. Copper dust was fused and soldered to the surface of the silver and the green patina was created using a copper sulphate and ammonium solution. The sky was created with a liver of sulphur patina.

AJS products used:  Busch burs, Super Pike saw blades, XL Gel Liver of Sulphur Extended Life Gel, silicone carbide polishing bits