Vaniman SandStorm Professional

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The Vaniman SandStorm Professional is the premier, all-in-one dental sandblaster for dental labs and offices who don’ t want to use a dust collector for media capture but still keep the workspace clean. Assembled by hand here is the USA, the SandStorm Professional is ideal for orthodontics and general dentistry and makes surface prep and adhesive removal a breeze.

· Ergonomic, streamlined state-of-the-art design — ideal for light-duty use

· Self-contained dust cabinet and fan

· Removable drawer with easy-pour technology

· LED lit panoramic viewing area

· Extra large 1000 mL (4 lbs.) abrasive storage tank

· Exclusive non-clogging flow design

· Foot pedal control

· Mobile spray jet handle

· Heavy duty long lasting tips

· Air pressure/gauge

· Complete sealed unibody construction

· Built-in, easy-to-maintain sand filter system

· 1 Year Warranty

Vaniman is proud to announce that their SandStorm Professional dental sandblaster/dust collector unit has been named a « Best Product» by industry leader Dental Product Shopper.