Steam Cleaner - Hydrovap Manual

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Dental Farm Steam generator featuring a stainless-steel boiler extremely compact in size and perfectly insulated. The resistance has been ideally positioned outside with the specific aim to prevent any detrimental action caused by the limestone.

The water feeding system is manual and has to be carried out when the unit is cold, under idle mode.

The spraying gun with adjustable flow dispenses the steam jet for perfect cleaning action.

Working pressure is set at 6 BAR and water temperature reaches 155° which represent the ideal parameters to degrease and accurately clean any surface.


Closing cap with built-in safety valve, emergency lock in case of water shortage, large steam storage capacity.

Highest pressure: 8 BAR

Water temperature: 155° C

Water volume: 3.5 liters

Boiler full capacity: 4.5 liters

Max absorbed power: 1500W

Time necessary to attain the working temperature: 15 minutes approx.

Compact overall dimensions and weight: mm 330x350x350h - Kg 10.5