With its unique ability to cut intricate shapes and pierce holes in a range of materials, a high-quality jeweller’s saw forms an essential component of all jewellery maker's toolkits. Thanks to our extensive range of jeweller’s saws and jeweller’s saw blades, you’re sure to find the right tool for your needs with us.

Our diverse collection includes both fixed and adjustable sawframes in various sizes, along with a variety of saw blades and accessories, including sawing plates, organisers and dispensers. No matter your specific jeweller’s saw blade or frame requirements, we’ve got you covered.

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What are the different types of jeweller’s saws?

Jewellers use a particular type of saw, commonly referred to as a “jeweller’s saw”. It consists of a metal frame and handle holding a fine blade. Jeweller’s saws are available in both fixed and adjustable sawframes, with designs and styles varying according to brands. 

What does a jeweller's saw do?

Jeweller’s saws are an indispensable tool for jewellery makers. They are used to hold saw blades to cut materials such as soft metals, fibreglass, plastic and wood, and enable the jewellery maker to cut intricate shapes and pierce holes in jewellery construction. 

How do I choose a jeweller's saw?

The type of jeweller’s saw you choose will ultimately depend on the type of work you’ll be carrying out. A basic adjustable sawframe will likely suffice for beginner jewellers, whereas jewellers wishing to cut larger or more complex pieces would benefit from a more advanced tool.