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Shereen Asem Marwan

Date: 30-05-2020


Shereen Asem Warwan

Submission from: Shereen Asem Marwan
Business: ShereenJewellery  (Hobbyist) Wantirna. VIC.
Item: Horus Ring
This ring, or set of 2 rings, is one of my favourites. The eye brow ring is made out of sterling silver wire, bent with ring bending pliers and defined with needle files. The actual eye of Horus ring is made of sterling silver wire. The eye part was saw pierced out of sterling silver sheet. I slightly bent the eye in a doming block and soldered it onto the ring. Everything was filed, emeried and polished. I then decided that it was missing something so decided to gypsy set a lab created blue spinel. I drilled a whole with my micro motor and set the stone.
AJS Products used: Super Pike Saw Blades, Little Torch Kit with Stand & Regulators, Abbott & Ashby Buffing Motor - 150mm