Speedwire Silver Solder Wire Dispenser, 0.37mm

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Ideal for laser-welding applications, this innovative pen-style Speedwire dispenser comes pre-loaded with 10 feet of hard, 0.37mm silver solder wire (non-refillable). The sturdy plastic body is contoured for precise control. A fingertip roller allows you to control the wire feed, smoothly drawing wire from a see-through reservoir compartment at the back of the pen. The wire emerges from a stainless steel guide tube that allows you to manipulate the wire from as close to your workpiece as 2mm, significantly improving the precision of your positioning. Guide the wire without taking your eyes off the work. You save time and improve the accuracy of your welds.

Each dispenser is color-coded and clearly labeled to make it easy to select exactly the wire you want. The wire stays clean and free of kinks or tangles in its sealed reservoir compartment.