Highland Park PT8 8" Commercial Trim Saw

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The Highland Park Production Trim saw is designed for the most demanding commercial cutting environments where accurate, fast cutting is essential. Precise enough to cut extremely expensive stones and durable enough to be used around the clock for high-volume repetitive cutting, the Model PT incorporates a replaceable toughened stainless steel cutting deck, precision blade stabilizers and coolant injector manifold allowing thin kerf blades to be run reliably at ultra-high speeds for all types of material.


~ HIGH-SPEED CUTTING – Blade turns at over 4000 RPM

~ A RBOR SHAFT – Cold rolled steel machined to 1-inch diameter. 5/8 inch diameter for diamond saw blade

~ UNDERDECK ARBOR – Blade extends 63 mm above deck for unobstructed cutting of larger pieces.

~ BLADE FLANGES – Steel 59 mm outside diameter.

~ BLADE - ThinLine Agate Slicer sintered diamond blade included.

~ BLADE GUIDES – Underdeck adjustable blade guides for precise blade stability

~ CUTTING DECK – Removable toughened stainless steel for long cutting life.

~ INJECTOR MANIFOLD – Delivers targeted coolant exactly to where the blade contacts the rock for maximum cutting efficiency. Coolant flow is adjustable.

~ DUCT PORT – Duct port to allow below deck ventilation. This pulls all misting and oil/water back into the saw to be vented out of your shop. Even if you are using mild mineral oils, this can make cutting more pleasant and keep your work shop cleaner

~ SAW BOX – Welded 7 gauge steel. Inside dimensions 355 mm wide x 298 mm deep x 476 mm long. Overall height – 762 mm

~ V-BELT connects motor to saw blade

~ MOTOR – 230 volt 50 Hz 1 hp with start and run capacitors and thermal protection.