Dentalfarm Hot Wax Carving Unit - HOT TO TOUCH

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Hot waxing unit fitted with two individual handpieces.

Microprocessor temperature setting system with thermocouple sensor.

3-digit display showing both the actual temperature on the tip and the preset working temperature ranging from 50° to 200°C.

Practical handpiece providing for quick clutch of the tools and functional change-over switch within the two preset temperatures.

Tool compartment to accomodate the complete set of modelling tips directly on the control unit, with the addition of a convenient rear drawer.

Benefits: the ability to choose the most suitable temperature for every wax, the advantage to reduce drastically wax fumes under no risk of fire deriving from the use of free flame.


Dual-purpose hot waxing spatula with two individual handpieces

Electronic control allowing to set two different temperatures

Ability to switch instantly from the wax pick up temperature to the modelling temperature, simply touching the sensor ideally located on the handpiece end

Storage compartment for modelling tools

Two supports are available for the handpiece : as bench stand or magnetic support aside the control unit

Standard fitted with six modelling tools

Overall dimensions: mm 180x110x60h