Legor Ultra White Rhodium 1G for Bath 1L

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Made by Legor Group, this RH1RT formulation offers exceptional brightness and operates at room temperature. This formula plates in half the time with a faster deposition rate, and decreased evaporation helps preserve your bath chemistry. You get Legor quality at a more economical price because the acid level in this solution is low enough that hazardous shipping charges do not apply. This 1-liter bottle contains 1 gram of rhodium-the lower rhodium content makes this solution more affordable, but you still have the volume of solution needed to cover your work; the plating process and results are unchanged.

Rhodium is a bright white, tarnish-resistant, hard metal in the platinum group-ideal for giving jewelry a brilliant white finish. Plate rhodium directly onto platinum, gold or nickel only. With a preliminary nickel plate, you can plate onto silver and copper alloys. With a preliminary copper plate followed by nickel, you can plate rhodium onto tin, lead, brass and bronze alloys. Use rhodium with a platinized titanium anode.