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Soldering Boards

Let us help you choose the best Soldering Boards for you!

In the video below Bill examines each of the popular Soldering Boards at AJS and the specific purpose of each one.


The following Soldering Boards are discussed at the respective times indicated. 

Code Description Time Ref
26-005-000 Solder Board Non Asbestos - 150mm 00:55
26-010-000 Solder Board Non Asbestos - 200mm  
26-015-000 Solder Board Non Asbestos - 300mm  
26-085-000 Refractory Soldering Brick 220mm x 110mm x 30mm 01:30
26-044-000 Honeycomb Ceramic Solder Board - 122 x 80mm 02:20
26-042-000 Ceramic Solder Board 150mm x 150mm 03:05
26-043-000 Ceramic Solder Board 300mm X 150mm  
26-048-000 Soldering Block Soft Jig - 120 x 95 x 40mm 03:35
26-040-000 Magnesium Solder Block 150mm x 73mm x 38mm 04:05
26-008-000 Vermiculite Solder Board 140 x 70 x 30mm 04:35
26-025-000 High Temperature Ceramic Solder Board 220mm 04:55
26-050-000 Charcoal Solder Block 140mm x 70mm x 30mm 05:15



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