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Balanced, but not Symmetrical!

Date: 12-03-2020


Kirra-lea Caynes

Kirra-lea Caynes is a manufacturing jeweller who works from her home studio in an inner suburb of Melbourne.

Kirra-lea gets a lot of her inspiration from nature and likes to produce her pieces in an Art Nouveau style. Her art has balance, but not necessarily symmetry. This is clearly evident in the piece which won her the coveted title of JAA 2019 Jeweller of the Year.

Also in 2019 Kirra-lea started teaching sand casting workshops with 'cast in place' rough Australian sapphires. She originally designed the classes for the general public but had a hard time getting the numbers. 

Kirra-lea then tried advertising on a couple of industry social media pages and to her delight she had a massive positive response with lots of interest.

All last year she travelled up and down the east coast of Australia, over to Adelaide, and as far south as Hobart, teaching her sand casting workshop to fellow trade jewellers and jewellery students.

Her teaching took her to many studios throughout Australia, including Kin Gallery in Canberra, Jam Factory in Adelaide, Hammer and Hand in Byron Bay and CQ University in Rockhampton. 

Kirra-lea recently conducted a demonstration for AJS on sand casting and the feedback we received from attendees about her was amazing. For example, “... informative, friendly, clear, articulate and her passion for sand casting was clearly obvious.” 

Kirra-lea is undeniably a very talented jeweller and teacher - balanced, but not necessarily symmetrical!


Winning Piece: JAA 2019 Jeweller of the Year


This magnificent piece is a ring for the middle finger.


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