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Horizons Expanded by Marketing Guy

Date: 24-09-2019


Guy & Robert

Guy Abrahamsson and Robert Brotchie (pictured left to right) started their business on April Fools Day 2005. Jeweller's Workshop Gallery (JWG), which is based at the Gold Coast, has since evolved into a business that they never could have imagined at the time.

According to Robert, the biggest surprise is that the business is routinely selling to overseas clients. Guy drives the social media and marketing. He is very active with image generation and has learned how to expose JWG in the most appropriate markets.

JWG regularly fields enquiries from America, Asia, and Europe. Robert says, “This marketing is a great strength for us, we aren't limited to a local or domestic client base, so we never seem to experience quiet times.”

In addition to working with 9k and 18k gold, Robert and Guy work in any number of unusual materials including titanium, Damascus steel, timascus, hardwood, acrylics, Fordite, brass, and others as requested. They have even had customers wanting to use a specific timber, either part of an old house, a fence post, or private plantation. They also work with fine quality coloured gemstones as well as white and naturally coloured diamonds.

We are very traditional in our approach to the craft, all our work is still made by hand. We spoiled ourselves and bought a bandsaw, though! 

Guy does all the setting work, and he is a huge fan of the Benchmate. Robert is an 80's man and was taught to solder with a mouth blow torch which he continued for years, but is now content with the Little torch.

Robert says, “For me, one of the most satisfying aspects of my work is watching Guy operate in the business with me. One way or the other we've been with each other in work since he first joined me as an apprentice, straight out of school. I've had other apprentices, but with Guy I truly feel a sense of legacy, it makes me very proud.”

Click here to view some of Robert and Guy's amazing art.


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