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Martin Drozdzowski

Date: 01-11-2023


Submission from: Martin Drozdzowski
Student - Melton South, VIC
Electrum Amber Amulet

Reticulated silver electrum amber amulet with rose gold hoop and sterling silver braids.

I have been learning for a few months so the manufacturing process was mostly a learning experience from start to finish and is only my second ever amulet. My first time mixing an alloy, using the mill to manufacture the sheet and wire that I needed.

The amber was a damaged piece that has been in the family for years , it was recut and polished and backed at home.

The texture on the backing is from more experiments. The rose gold is also made at home at around 40% natural gold ( that I prospect myself ) with the rest being a mixture of copper and silver. I am also happy with this amulet because it ended up being my first sale in my new venture.

AJS Products used: 

Durston rolling mill, AJS forming kit, AJS beginner jewellers kit, all entry level things. Bought online or through the melbourne branch. Also the jellybeans helped a lot!