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Azriel Poskey-Miles

Date: 01-06-2022


 Azriel Poskey-Miles

Submission from: Azriel Poskey-Miles
Business: Student - Old Reynella, SA
Item: Tab Set Agate in Textured Copper

This is a stunning banded agate in a trapezoid shape which made it an interesting challenge to set. Ultimately I decided to try a tab setting in copper as it would compliment the colour theme of the agate. The copper was rolled out to ensure that it would be thin and flexible enough for the setting and the internal and external shapes cut out.

It was then polished up using mounted emery and then textured with a dull matte brush. Finally I set the stone and for fun added a couple of leaf details with a steel stamp. A quick polish to make it shiny and a leather cord marked this piece complete.

AJS Products used: Saeshin Strong 207/207S, Durston Rolling Mill - Mini - C100E, DT Dull Matte Brush - Red, Roll Sander MountedPlier - Antilope Curved Chain 120mm