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Carly Slape

Date: 06-11-2021


 Carly Slape

Submission from: Carly Slape
Business: Hobbyist - Adelaide, SA
Item: Equinox Pendant

This piece is designed to represent the time where the hours of night and day are in equal balance. The golden rutile quartz precious stone represents the solar connection to this time with the sun rays radiating around half of the stone, representing equal hours of light.

Solid brass was used to fabricate the piece to highlight the solar connection and bring out the brilliant golden rutilated quartz that has golden inclusions like golden rays of light.

The pendant hangs from the long textured brass bail with perfect balance akin to a pendulum. The solid brass collar allows to pendant to sit in a comfortable position which begins to drop from the centre of the collarbone.

Manufacturing this piece was challenging with only one type of brass solder to create the bezel setting, attach the sun rays and bail components.

With just over a year of learning and experience, I'm really enjoying building my skills and creating wearable art.

AJS Products used: TechnofluxForedom Flex Shaft, Diamond BursOrca Torch Kit